Paver Driveway

With so many varieties in paver driveway selections, how do you know what is best for your home? Concrete, brick paver pavers, slate pavers, gravel, stones, ceramic tiles, steel and interlocking paver stones there is a very good reason that there are so many unique types of paver driveway. It is safe to say that a paver driveway is king when it comes to curb appearance! If you are going to spend the money on something that will last for the duration of your home’s life, it makes sense to select something that will withstand the elements and that will require minimal maintenance costs.

A paver driveway in Kent, Washington can be installed in a variety of ways. The first, and most common, is the flat installation. In this instance the ground is poured as directed by the installer and then the top layer of sand is installed. Each of the sand layers should be approximately ten inches deep.

Pavers that are poured and leveled directly onto the ground are called “driveways” and there are two main varieties of paver driveways: brick paver driveways and flagstone driveways. Both of these types of driveways are relatively easy to construct and install. Brick paver driveways are usually laid out on top of the soil and then the top layer of sand is installed like the flat patio driveways. These types of paver driveway designs are fairly common, but they do require some skill in laying them out. However, the effort is well worth it when you consider the look of the final result.

Pavers that are cut to resemble logs or clay bricks are a third alternative. The advantage to these pavers is that they do not require the amount of digging that the other two types require. For example, if a standard sized paver driveway were laid without any type of pattern, it would just look like one big paver. Clay pavers do require a certain degree of skill when cutting them because the individual pieces must be perfectly straight and the right thickness. However, there is a trade-off as far as cost-effective design goes: clay pavers are typically more expensive than paver driveway designs.

Creating a paver driveway does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Once you determine the right design and price for your project, you can begin looking for supplies. It is important to get all of the materials on the same page so that you can both agree on the most cost-effective price. Once you have the basic materials purchased, your job could begin.

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