The word landscape literally means “back garden” in English. In its most popular form, landscape lighting consists of a series of lights aimed at different areas of the landscape such as the tops of trees and shrubs. It can also include fixtures aimed at sculptures, buildings, waterfalls, ponds, fountains, gardens, walls, steps, and other elements of the landscape. There are basically two types of landscape lighting: accent and task.

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific features of the landscape and compliment those features. Most accent landscape lighting is provided with three or more lights that are pointed in different directions and at various degrees. The most common forms are path lights, lanterns, post lights, and wall sconces. They are usually concealed within the surroundings of the home or other structure or may be strategically placed to light an area without being obtrusive.

Task landscape lighting in Kent, Washington is used to illuminate certain elements of the yard such as trees, walkways, garden walls, statues, flower beds, and other items that are considered functional or attractive. A good example of a task light is a transformer while other popular ones are post lights, ground lamps, ground reflectors, ground heaters, and spotlights. These lights need to be strategically placed around the yard so they do not overwhelm the space. Transformer lights and spotlights are examples of these types of lights while garden wall lights, solar garden lights, and lanterns are examples of accent lights.

Landscape lighting system consists of a number of elements such as the foundation and housing system, the outdoor lighting system, and the landscape lighting system. The housing system usually includes the post and bracket support and contain the transformer, attic insulation, and transformer ground wire. The foundation system is the area on which the actual structure is laid out and contains the pump, soil, frame, braces, clamps, foundation drain, and damp ring. The outdoor lighting system is composed of the landscape lights, reflectors, and landscape lighting transformer.

In order to save energy, one can utilize low-voltage landscape lighting systems and use battery-powered lights for night time and emergency purposes. Low voltage systems are installed inside the house or in areas where there is no electrical connection. One type of low voltage system is the solar pathway up light which allows lighting the entire garden at night. Battery-powered lights are also a good option if you do not want to mess with wiring system or if you intend to move your lighting system from one location to another.

The LED landscape lighting has become an energy efficient alternative to conventional bulbs because of its low energy consumption rate. The LED lights have become more popular these days because they have become more durable and capable of handling frequent lighting cycles without having to be changed. The bulbs in the LED landscape lighting are also able to produce very good color in the blue spectrum. If you are planning to add landscape lighting in your home, it would be wise to look into the options that LED lights offer.

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