Irrigation setup will carefully design, install and maintain your irrigation system with the latest products on the market. Proper irrigation installation requires an accurate calculation of how much water you need, where you need it and how often. Proper irrigation installation can be performed within one day, with little disruption to your normal lawn maintenance schedule. Rain-clik sensors and other top of the line Hunter brand products are available to help you get your job done right. Installing rain-clicked or rain-resistant pipes and connectors is easier than ever with the help of modern technology.

If your lawn is relatively short and you’re looking for an efficient way to get the job done, then we recommend using low-water cutting techniques, such as strip cropping or prototyping. Both methods are highly effective in irrigation systems and can prevent you from over-watering or burning out your pump or sprinkler head. If you decide to use strip cropping, simply divide a large piece of lawn into several smaller sections and then plant evenly spaced plants in each section. Next, water each section of your yard throughout the growing season, and then follow up by seeding new areas with the correct distances and directions from your established lines. Rototaping involves creating a gentle gradient and allowing the grass to grow naturally without being cut short.

If you need a professional irrigation installation in Kent, Washington, or you know you will, contact a local irrigation installation service. Most companies will come to your home and install everything you need to get your yard running smoothly. Some services may charge a flat rate fee or a percentage of your total water bill. If you opt to hire someone to come to your house, they will usually bring along a truck with deep-drilling equipment so they can run new pipes and lines as well as evaluate your drainage system.

Before your irrigation installation, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris. Clean out your water supply lines regularly to ensure that no leaks are occurring where you install your system. If your system requires a specific type of pump, test it at least once a year to make sure it’s in good working order. Leaks can prevent your system from working properly, so take some time to check out the plumbing of your home and the location of your main water supply. A small leak can prevent your irrigation installation from working effectively, so make sure to fix them right away.

Once your irrigation installation is complete, be sure to test the pipes and lines again to ensure everything is running correctly. If you notice any clogs, clean them out as soon as you can. A broken pipe can stop your entire irrigation system from working, so don’t ignore things like this. You don’t want to call a plumber to come repair your pipes if you can fix them yourself. Make sure you have your system checked regularly by a professional after the installation to make sure everything is running like it should.

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