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We provide the best hardscape services to add charm and beauty to your home’s aesthetic. We guarantee that we can provide quality services by using top-notch materials and employing professional contractors.

What We Offer

Arbor Construction

Arbor Construction has many years of experience in the construction industry and is one of the best companies in Kent. Their focus is on providing clients with the highest quality customer service possible. We have been a leading landscaping and building supply company for the longest time and continue to serve communities. Here in our company, your satisfaction is our number one goal. With many happy customers, we are sure you will find that our quality and service exceed even the most rigorous standards.

Complete Outdoor Kitchen

There are so many great options for an outdoor kitchen today. From small portable grills that can even be used inside the house, to large permanent grills that can take up entire walls or even a whole outdoor kitchen design that allows you to bring your patio kitchen to life! The choice is endless, and it all depends on how much money and time you want to invest. If you’re looking to bring your patio kitchen to life, one of the best ways to do this is with landscaping. With landscaping you can add plenty of new counter space, a sink, and plenty of storage options for all your tools and dishes, while still adding that beautiful outdoors ambiance you’ve always wanted.

Irrigation Installation

With winter almost over and the spring season just around the corner, it is time to begin thinking about spring’s irrigation installation, shrubs and landscaping. Before you can install your sprinkler system, trim, trees, bushes or anything else on your landscape, you first have to determine if you will need an irrigation installation. Once you have a better idea as to how much landscaping you are going to need, you can then begin to look at the different products available to help you install your new irrigation system.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is a creative art and profession, practiced extensively by landscape architects, merging science and nature. In modern practice, landscape architecture blends the art of landscape with that of garden designing. The blending of these two disciplines is what allows a landscape architect to create a unique garden, using the best available materials and techniques. Although there is a great variety of landscaping designs available, the three primary components remain to be the layout of the landscape, the physical features of the site and the eco-system that surround it

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting brings out the very best of what you’ve got in your garden by highlighting your property as attractive architectural features and is pulling attention to those beautifully lushly green, manicured shrubs and trees. It can also assist to transform your backyard or front lawn into a beautiful outdoor living area to be enjoyed every day and night of the year! It can help to create drama in your landscaping design, and can add a special ambience to any home or business. It can be used for commercial landscaping as well, but if you’re looking to light your own property, a few tips on what kind of light to use are below!

Paver Driveway

Installing a paving driveway, or patios, adds curb appeal to your home. When you are ready to build a paver driveway, take the time to plan your project carefully and thoroughly. It is advisable to hire a contractor or other trained professionals to help you install the paver driveway in the best possible way. Although many people are accustomed to doing their own installation, hiring professionals will ensure that your paver driveway is installed properly and securely. For more information on paver driveway installation, contact a local paving company today.

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Kent Hardscapes – Providing Landscaping Solutions to the Puget Sound Area. At the same time, the region’s leading professional contractor.

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